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Intivar is no longer available due to the company going in another direction. I highly recommend you check into Instant Virgin Spray for great results.

Why Worry About Losing You Man? – Have the best sex you have ever had in your life by using Intivar!

I understand that one product is not going to be the one quick fix for everyone.  In this Intivar review we are going to look over information about Intivar and also point out who this vaginal tightening gel will work for and who may want to go for another option.

How Will Intivar Help Me?

Intivar is a gel that is unique as it is made from natural ingredients which have been proven to cure vaginal dryness and increase the tightness of your vagina instantly and I believe it is the best vaginal tightening product.

You will experience benefits such as:

  • Instant Vaginal Tightening – Only Takes Minutes!
  • Improved Lubrication
  • Rejuvenated Sex Life
  • Improved Sexual Responses

What Makes Intivar Work? – Ingredients

The ingredients in Intivar are high quality and natural ingredients which have been clinically proven to give you the results which you have been looking for.

Mirofirm – This ingredient improves natural lubrication and will help blood flow increase. Mirofirm also helps to tighten the vaginal wall and reduces vaginal dryness.

Hamaelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) – This contains properties which aid in vaginal tightening and increase sensitivity of the female response.

Panax (which means Koren) Ginseng – This ingredient enhances female sexual arousal by allow the blood flow to be regulated towards the genital area. Another benefit is that it can help reduce stress as well as building up immunity and vitality in you.

Quercus Infectoria (Oak) Gall Extract – Will increase the tightening sensation of the vagina. Besides for this great effect it will also enhance blood flow and help reduce bacteria and fungal infections.

What In The World Is Mirofirm?

MiroFirm is a standardised and purified propriety extract of Pueraria Mirifica. You will not find another tightening and dryness relief cream with this ingredient. When it is applied to the vagina it works to renew the tissues by restoring the elasticity.

Money Back Guarantee

intivar reviewAnxious to buy because you think Intivar might take your money and run? Don’t worry, they have a money back guarantee that blows any competition out of the water. Go look around, but after your hours of searching, you are going to come back here and buy Intivar. This is because they firmly stand behind this product.

If you use Intivar for up to 60 days and then decide that it did not work for you and do what it was supposed to do you can get 100% of your money back. The staff at Intivar knows that you are going to be happy with the product so they are not afraid to offer this awesome 60 day 100% money back guarantee!

Who Should Buy Intivar?
  • Those of you that are going through menopause or soon will be going through menopause should invest in this product to prevent vaginal dryness, tighten the vagina and fight infections.
  • Women who are not going through menopause can benefit from this product as well if they believe that they have problems with vaginal lubrication or vaginal tightness.
  • Basically anyone needing help tightening the vagina, fighting off dryness, increasing sexual response, orgasms and overall vaginal health should invest in this product.
Women who are pregnant are nursing need not look into this option or females under the age of 18.
How Do I Buy Intivar?
The first thing you do is go to the Intivar Official Website and click Order Now which is in the upper right hand corner. After doing this you will go to the page that has the different packages available. This is pictured below:
intivar review ordering process
After clicking “Order Now” on the package you want, you will then be redirected to your paypal shopping cart so you can look at how much your order total comes to. Pictured below:
intivar review ordering process
On the page approve you will click checkout and then will be taken to the place to log into your paypal account.
intivar review ordering process
That is all there is to it. Once you do this you will confirm your order and it will on its way shortly.


Yes! It does get even better…

You qualify for FREE Intivar. They offer bonuses when you buy in bulk! Check out the awesome FREE Intivar you can get when you get a 3 month supply! <—- most popular order amount!

There are different prices that you can get depending on the amount of Intivar that you buy.  Here is a basic break down.

1 Month Package plus shipping fee of $5.00 is $42.50

2 Month Package plus shipping fee of $5.00 is $75.00 You Save– Over 12%

Most Popular Option ->3 Month Package with 1 month of free Intivar plus shipping fee of $5.000 is $112.50 You Save– Over 34%

Best Value Option ->6 Month Package with 2 months of free Intivar plus shipping fee of $5.00 is $202.50 You Save– Over 40%

star rating of intivar

If you feel worried and uncomfortable about your vagina, you want to buy Intivar. Intivar will help you get rid of your pain and increase your pleasure. It just makes sense to buy, doesn’t it? There is even a money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, you get your money back! Sounds fair, right?

Intivar is no longer available! Look into Instant Virgin Spray instead!