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Many women do not know why their vagina gets loose.  Let’s now go on to look at why your vagina is loose and what you can do to get a tighter vagina.

The Vagina Loosens As Women Age

The most common reason that a vagina will loosen is because of a woman’s age. This does not mean they have to be middle-aged, or older to have a loose vagina, but this is oftentimes the case. This also does not mean since you are over a certain age, you have a loose vagina. There is no standard to what a tight or a loose vagina is.

Ask your partner if they are happy with your sex life. Sometimes a partner is not going to be comfortable telling you their real opinion on this topic, so you may want to test it out yourself. You can test if the tightness of your vagina works for your sex life by attempting to squeeze your partner during intercourse. If you can squeeze your partner and he reacts positively,  you are probably already tight enough.

Childbirth Can Cause A Loose Vagina

It is a little controversial about whether childbirth will  give you a loose vagina or not, but I am sure if you have had kids like I have, you notice that there is at least some change in the vagina. Maybe it was a coincidence because of aging, but as my experience goes a natural birth loosens the vagina. This is one reason some women opt for a c-section, but usually the doctors will not give a c-section unless it is necessary.

Some women experience a loose vagina because they have gotten an episiotomy. These procedures are no longer common with vaginal childbirth as they have been in the past. Research shows this procedure does not help with the problems they believed it helped with after all. There are still some cases that women will get an episiotomy. If the child needs to be born quickly, is in an odd position, or if extensive tearing is likely.

Rough Sex Causes A Loose Vagina

Another controversial reason for a loose vagina is sex. While normal sex most likely will not cause the vagina to be loosened, rough sex, on the other hand, could loosen and even tear the vagina.

What You Can Do About It

There are a couple of different things that you can do about tightening your vagina. Let’s look at these below.

1.  Exercises – You can use exercises like Kegel exercises to tighten the vagina. These are effective if you have plenty of time to concentrate on contracting and holding your vagina.

2. Cones And Balls – Cones and balls are like vaginal exercise equipment. You put the products into your vagina and squeeze them for a certain amount of time.

3. Creams – Creams are a terrific way to remedy your loose vagina if they have the proper ingredients.

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