Pipedreams Sure Grip Tightening Cream Review

Pipedreams Sure Grip Tightening Cream Review – pipe dreams box and tubePipedreams Sure Grip Tightening Cream is one of the products that I came across as I was searching through the various vaginal tightening creams. I saw it on another site for sale and so I started to do some research.

The only place I could find online that sold it was Amazon. I am not sure where the other site was so I can’t tell you. I went to Amazon, and found it, so I could look for other user reviews on the product. All I could find is one negative review that said that this product did not work at all. Well that’s not a favorable first impression, now is it?

What are the claims of this product?

Product Claims

This is a supposedly natural cream used to enhance your vaginal muscle tone, strength and control. More claims say that it is should effectively decrease the internal as well as the external vaginal diameters.

It is supposed to tighten in as little as 15 minutes and last up to two hours and doesn’t have any side effects.


I could not find anything positive about this product, and I could not find any clinical proof or medical professional recommendations.  I wouldn’t put much thought into this product again.

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