Are you curious as to what is making your vagina loose? Maybe your vagina used to be very tight and you can tell it is slacking up so you are getting worried that you are going down hill. The good news is that there are things that you can do about it but you do need to know what is making your vagina loosen.

One of the most common reasons that women notice their vagina get looser is due to having children. You go through months of carrying this baby and this beautiful little human is about to come out of your body. The very thought of it exiting out of your vagina is terrifying to say the least if you’ve never done it before but whenever you think about what it might do to your vagina you may not be so excited about it.

Whenever the baby comes out of your vagina you may have rips and tearing but most of the time this can be fixed pretty easily. I have even heard of some instances that the vagina goes back tighter than it had gone in the first place. Usually though, the vagina is pretty stretched out and this can cause problems and severe annoyances.

Another thing that can cause vagina stretching and loosening is whenever someone inserts large objects into the vagina. If you have been having a lot of sex with someone with a big penis or you have been using sex toys that are very large then you may experience some vaginal loosening.

Aging is another reason that your vagina could begin to lose its tightness. If your vagina is not tight because of age then you may want to start doing some things that can help your vagina become tighter. There are a variety of different things you can do but it is important that you would pay close attention to the ones that really work.

If you want to make your vagina tighter again I would suggest that you use kegel exercises to start the process. There are other products available if you need some extra help but it is not necessary. Do what you need to do to start getting the results that you want and you can always add something else into the mix if you need even more help.

Whatever reason your vagina has become loose there are that many more reasons that you do not have to deal with that problem anymore. It is time for you to start getting the results that you want and stop worrying about the problem.

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