Do you feel as if your husband is tired of you and doesn’t really care whether you are with him or not? Maybe you know that he loves you but you want him to really want you again. The feelings you are experiencing can be very frustrating and confusing. In this article you will learn more about getting that spark by again.

Bring the Mystery

One of the things that men like it to have a little mystery but whenever we are married most of the mystery goes out the door. I am sure there are some times that you feel like you know your spouse better than you know yourself. Wouldn’t it be a little easier to want someone if you didn’t know all of their faults? This is exactly why affairs happen. You do not know all of the faults of someone else so you may be more interested in them.

Whenever you start to do something mysterious and make him wonder about you, in a good way, there is a lot of potential to add some spark to the relationship. Never do anything that is going to make him feel insecure but do some things that he is not used to you doing.

Be Sexy Again

Another thing we often forget as wives is how to be sexy. Whenever it comes time for sex we just throw our clothes off and go at it and then we’re done. If you do not want to deal with this and you want to be able to enjoy your partner instead of just going through the motions then you need to be sexy again.

Being sexy could be something as well as putting on a cute night gown before sex. Maybe doing something new in bed, using sex toys or some sex creams etc. These things can all help you be sexy again.

Make Your Own Reality

One of the biggest things you have to do is create your own reality in your mind. You have to think positive and really think good about yourself. Whenever you do this your husband is going to start doing the same thing. Make your own reality, go out there and get your husband all hot and steamy again. You can do it. Use whatever techniques are necessary but always remember that what you believe is more important that what is “real”.

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