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How To Make Your Vagina Tight After Having A Baby

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how to make your vagina tighter after having a baby


Having a baby is an exciting time in your life, but you may be wondering how to make your vagina tight after having a baby. You don’t have to feel insecure or worried anymore. There are things you can do to regain the tightness in your vagina.

What Not To Do

If you have just had your baby, you do not have to rush back into having sex.  I understand that you want to have sex, but if you damage your vaginal tissue, you could cause yourself some more serious problems. This is not going to help your goal of having a tighter vagina.

You shouldn’t have sex before you are approved by your doctor. Usually by week 6, you should be able to have sex, but sometimes if you are not healing properly you may have to wait even longer.

What To Do

If you have waited long enough, and you still feel like your vagina is not tight enough, you should look into how to do vaginal exercises. Sometimes your doctor will have already spoken to you about doing kegel exercises before you had the baby or after the baby was born. Kegel exercise is valuable and can keep you from having problems such as vaginal prolapse and a loose vagina.

Sometimes women find it helpful to use vaginal exercisers. These can be helpful if you can not seem to “get a grip” on the exercises without using one. Sometimes getting the hang of the exercises can be difficult when you are just starting out. Some women find they need to add a little something extra by using vaginal weights to help train their vaginal muscles.

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About the author

Veronica Brasten My name is Veronica Brasten. I am the top researcher for . My writings should help you understand more about vaginal tightness and how to function sexually.

Author: Veronica Brasten

My name is Veronica Brasten. I am the top researcher for . My writings should help you understand more about vaginal tightness and how to function sexually.


  1. Mercedes,

    I totally understand. It is better to be safe than sorry. Having a tight vagina doesn’t always have to be about having sex either. Whenever your vagina is tighter, you feel better about yourself and you also don’t have the rubbing feeling some women complain about whenever their vagina is looser than they would like.

  2. mercedes says:

    I had my kid a year and i have not done anything so understand why its not back to before. I really don’t care to get back out there but when I do I don’t want to feel crap. I’m 24 and i really think I should be tight. Tho I really don’t want to have sex right now. I would really like to know how to be tight so when I finally start dating and a find a person i want to date and later on have sex with I’m ready.  

  3. Shelby,

    Sex during pregnancy can have its ups and downs. I understand how it can be frustrating. The only thing you can really do during pregnancy is to eat a good diet and drink plenty of water. This will keep as many impurities out of you as possible. The kegel exercises are going to help you in strengthening your vaginal walls, but may not be enough.

    After you have the baby you can look into other methods of tightening your vagina such as vaginal tightening cream.

  4. Shelby says:

    Hi, I’m Shelby and I’m going to be having my baby in 2-3 weeks. I’ve been worrying about after I have my baby, if my vigina will get tight again? I worry that I won’t be able to pleasure my boyfriend anymore after I have our baby. Sometimes I think I’m not pleasuring him enough even now.. I feel really uncomfortable with my body and theres a weird smell thats been coming from my vigina. my doctors have told me its normal when your pregnant to have different smells and thats another reason why my sex life is different. So, I tried doing the keagal exsersizes and idk it didn’t seem like it was working? Also, idk what it is but when me and my boyfriend are having sex, I can’t seem to have an orgasm. I usually only get one when we don’t have sex and we just have four play. And I seem to be dry down there and so it hurts during and after sex, especially when I go pee after having sex. How can I help my sex life before and after I have my baby?

  5. Elizabeth,

    Hey girl. It may just be your level of confidence. 3 fingers isn’t really that much unless you are with a guy that has a really tiny penis. I would say do whatever makes you happy. If you like the way you feel, don’t use anything. Otherwise you can try the exercises or a vaginal tightening product. Whatever you think.


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