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How to grip with my vaginal muscle was not something difficult for me to figure out but if it is hard for you that is what is bothersome. If you have a very loose vagina, you may not be able to grip with your vaginal muscle. Before you get worried, you should attempt to contract your pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that allow your vagina to grip. You can try gripping with your vagina muscles while you have sex, but it is not necessary. Gripping with your vagina is often easier when there is nothing inside to distract you. Teaching yourself how to use your vagina muscles before attempting to grip during sex may be your best bet.

Find Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

If you have never used your pelvic floor muscles, you may need some help finding them. The easiest way to identify your pelvic floor muscles is to urinate, stop the flow of urine and begin to urinate again. The muscles you use to stop the flow of urine are your pelvic floor muscles.

Make sure you do not stop your urine after you have identified your pelvic floor muscles. If you do this often, you may begin to retain urine. After stopping the flow or urine, make sure you release your bladder fully.

Try to do fast and slow movements with your vaginal muscle. When you do this, you will be able to develop control over the muscle. Having proper control over this muscle when you are not having sex will allow you to increase your ability to control it while you have sex.

Gripping the penis during sex is a great way to make your partner feel more pleasure. If you need a tighter vagina, this can help you. When you are able to squeeze your vagina using your pelvic muscles, you may not need kegel exercise weights or vaginal tightening cream.

If you still believe you need to tighten your vagina, you can read vaginal tightening FAQ, or use a cream such as Intivar to get the results you desire. Intivar is no longer available so make sure to check out Instant Virgin Spray now.

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