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How To Do Vaginal Exercises

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how to do vaginal exercises

If you are wondering how to do vaginal exercises, you are not alone. There are thousands of women that are not sure how to use their pelvic muscles or how to tighten their vagina. The most popular exercise is the kegel exercise.

You should not get frustrated. You must stay focused when you are doing vaginal exercises. If you do not stay committed, you are not going to see any results.

Find The Right Muscles

You need to make sure that you are using the right muscles before you do anything. You can find these muscles a couple of different ways. The first way is to insert your fingers into your vagina, and try to squeeze them. If you can not do this either your muscles are extremely weak, or you are not using the right muscles. Another way that you find your pelvic muscles is by sitting down to pee, then stopping the flow of pee. If you can stop the flow of pee, you have found the right muscles. Do not do this over and over or you are going to mess up your flow of urine.

Build Up Your Muscles

When you first start doing Kegel exercises, you may find it difficult to hold your pelvic muscles tight. Your goal is to get to where you can hold your vagina tight for 10 seconds, and then relax for 10 seconds. You should be sure to do these 3 times a day. This can be done anywhere since no one is going to be able to see what you are doing.

Get A Tighter Vagina Instantly

Kegel exercises are helpful, but the results can take time. You shouldn’t forget that you have to know how to do vaginal exercises properly to get decent results. If you have problems with a loose vagina and/or dry vagina you may want to use a vaginal tightening cream. Intivar is no longer available so make sure to check out Instant Virgin Spray now.

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Veronica Brasten My name is Veronica Brasten. I am the top researcher for . My writings should help you understand more about vaginal tightness and how to function sexually.

Author: Veronica Brasten

My name is Veronica Brasten. I am the top researcher for . My writings should help you understand more about vaginal tightness and how to function sexually.


  1. Ally,

    This might not be any of my business, but I would ditch the loser! That’s just abusive and you don’t deserve that kind of treatment. You can use the instructions in this article to get tighter, but don’t do it because of that guy.

  2. ally barton says:

    Hello, i need help my vigina is loose and my bf allways brags about how his ex’s vinginas were very tight and i get no confidence he doesnt tell me im loss but when i was about 14 i masterbated every day. and i dont want no creams or surgery and i dunno how to do that exersize please help. thanx

  3. Lisa says:

    @Veronica Brasten: Oh dear Tiffany,
    Talk to him about human attraction and temptation, and how you can understand if he slips up or wants to. If he doesnt agree dont tell him about your mistake!
    But also Dont do it again! Masterbate instead! you will be surprised how much relief you can give yourself. The wave of temptation will pass. Either have an open relationship or dont have one at all!

  4. Veronica Brasten says:


    I suggest vaginal exercises and using a vaginal tightening cream such as Intivar.

  5. shakshi says:

    hi , i saw many comments here plz suggest me to , i lost my virginity 5 years back , was in physical relation for one n half year n thn i ended everythng , from last 4 years m nt in any kind of physical contact with any 1 , my vaigaina become very loose in my vagaina upper lip skinis also become very loose as i can c at the time of loo , idnt knw wat its called its is the skin around from where we passes urine is thr any way to tighten tht skin, i dnt want tht my husband come to knw abt my past , i just want to tightn my vagina n vagina upper lips skin , plz tellme wat to do plz plz plz its req to u, i tght it will come automatically in shape but nthng happen in last four years plz suugest me any treatment

  6. momof3 says:

    hi. i just wanted to say kegals really do work ive have 3kids and after my 1st i couldnt do one i bought those stupid balls.bunch i was really discouraged. untill i started trying to do them laying down& slowly my vag was getting stronger than i got to the point where i could do it standing…i do them whenever i think about it and until it hurs prolly 100-200 a day and after i had my 3son i swear i could do my kegals the same day! i tryied cuz i was worried 3kids is alot for a womans body andi had wrked so hard to get where i was after the 1st two.. i didnt tear so no “extra” hub says its tighter than when we 1st met and i beleive him cuz its hard to put in when wet and hes like 5/6inch.not a donky dont get discourGed it took like 2mnths to do it standing for me and in the long run its a must to help with the accidental sneeze n pee issue that alot of women get & beleive hemmroids too cuz i have yet to have one (fingers crossed) after 3kids i swear by kegals and no akward femal stuff altho if im super wet and hes not rock solid it can feel below average or even air can cause an akward moment..i think thats normal so dont stress ladies and get ur kegal on so nobody will be changin ur diapers when ur 80/90 ;)lol a lil dry humor sowee


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