One, two, three, four lift those weights and do some more! Okay, that just sounds like a very lame cheerleading group at the gym. I wouldn’t doubt if you hear something similar in your head whenever you are working out but won’t admit it. Whenever you are straining out some of your last exercises you are probably wondering if these exercises are helping your vagina get tighter.

As you are working towards getting the body that you desire you may be curious as to whether you are helping your vagina tighten with any of the exercises you are already doing. There may be a couple of exercises that you do that can help with increasing the tightness of your vagina but that isn’t necessarily true. What you can do is put some of the kegel exercises into your routine while you are working out. No one even has to know what you are doing.

Putting Kegel into Your Workout

Let’s say that you are doing some ab crunches. If you are doing some ab crunches you can squeeze your vagina whenever you are squeezing your abs. Doing these moves together can save time but it can also help you to get your mind working together. Crunching your abs and your vagina at the same time may be challenging in the beginning.

Whatever other workouts you may be doing can also be done when it comes to the adding kegel exercises to your workout ideas. You just need to make sure that your kegel exercises are connected to a certain move or sound that you are doing or making whenever you are working out. This will allow you to keep track of what you should be doing.

Other Methods of Enhancement

If you want to increase your vaginal tightness without having to workout or do anything special in the gym then you may want to use a product. There are many different products that are available. It is true that some work better than others so you may want to take a look at some of the different ones that are available.

Tightening your vagina is a great idea and when you use a method that works for you it is even better. There is no reason for you to have a loose vagina and you can start getting the results that you want right away.

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