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How to Clean Kegel Vaginal Weights

Do you wondering how to clean kegel vaginal weights? It is very easy to clean kegel vaginal weights. Below are the things you will need to keep your kegel vaginal weights: Antibacterial Soap Warm Water Soft Cloth Before and after using the weights, always make sure you have thoroughly cleaned them. The last thing you […]

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  April 29, 2013   No comments

How To Grip With My Vaginal Muscle

How to grip with my vaginal muscle was not something difficult for me to figure out but if it is hard for you that is what is bothersome. If you have a very¬†loose vagina, you may not be able to grip with your vaginal muscle. Before you get worried, you should attempt to contract your […]

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  February 28, 2012   1 comment

How To Make Your Vagina Look Better

It is not difficult to figure out how to make your vagina look better. There are little things you can do that will make big changes to the appearance of your vagina. There are also bigger things you can do to make your vagina look, and even feel different. One of the easiest things a […]

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  February 23, 2012   No comments