If you have been asking, “Can rough sex loosen vaginal walls?” the answer is usually, no.  If you have a lot of rough sex,  it can loosen your vagina.  You could get small tears in your vagina. These small tears may cause you to experience loosening over time.

You may be wondering how to tighten your vagina. The best way to tighten your vagina is to use a vaginal tightening cream. I highly recommend using Intivar. There are other things that you can do to get a tighter vagina.

Learn how to do vaginal exercises, and you can start working against your loose vagina problems right now. Kegels are a terrific way to improve the way that your vagina feels and functions. Your doctor may have suggested that you do kegels whenever you were pregnant or after having a child to strengthen the vaginal walls.

Rough sex can be hard on your vagina. It is recommended that you do not overwork your vagina, but you can get your vagina back into the shape even if it does loosen. Some women use vaginal workout equipment to make their vagina tighter. These are most commonly kegel weights, but there are other vaginal tightening products that you can use.

If you have a loose vagina this may not only impact your sex life, but it could cause you to be incontinent. This is an extremely embarrassing condition and yet many women deal with this problem every day. Most women only deal with a mild case of incontinence, but there are others that have serious problems and require padding to keep from being odorous.

Keeping your vagina healthy is vital. While some women think that douching is helpful, you should know that your vagina is self cleaning. If you get too many foreign substances in your vagina, you may end up with vaginal thrush problems. Feminine deodorant may also cause you to have additional problems.

If you have had rough sex that has made your vagina loose, do not worry. Everyone gets wild sometimes. You can get your vagina back into shape. Intivar is no longer available so make sure to check out Instant Virgin Spray now.

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  1. Lou~

    Sex with a large penis usually isn’t constituted as rough sex. Rough sex would be fast, hard and sometimes violent.

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